About the artist

 Tasy Nicole is a makeup-artist, model and photographer based in Calgary, Alberta. Her creativity stemmed from a young age when she learned to look at the beauty in the world by only its colour and shape from a distance. Not knowing what it was like to see much detail from a far, for many years she understood objects from a different perspective than the vast majority. At age 14, when it was brought to her attention that she needed glasses, her life changed drastically at her new found sight. It was at this point in time where she began to approach art with a love like no other.

Highly inspired by both America’s and Canada’s Next Top Model, Tasy fell in love with trying out all aspects that were shown in the series. She would spend hours of her spare time playing around with makeup, striking poses for her family and capturing photos of absolutely anything in sight.

Dedicated to living out her purpose, it was only fitting for Tasy to follow up high school with further education in what she is most passionate about. With a diploma from NAIT’s Photographic Technology program and a certificate from Eveline Charles’ Makeup Artistry course, Tasy has created a personal brand that reflects what she does best.

Tasy has combined her creative attributes to specialize in expressing the beauty of people and the lifestyle of brands. She works on a collaborative level, allowing clients to convey their ideas while providing her artistic and professional input to create remarkably detailed final results.